2, Avocado with Tuna
3,  Avocado with Shellfish
5, Coktail os Shellfish
6, Attacked Mushrooms
7, Mushrooms to the chopped garlic
8. Stirred "The Charcón"
9, Mixed Salad
10, Asparagus Two Sauces
11, Hibhland ham
12, Melon with ham
13, Papas Arrugadas
14, Cheese of Lanzarote
15. Changed of Cheeses
16, Salmigundi of Fish
17, Varied appetizers
18, Gazpacho
19, Brans of Squid
20, Pimientos de Padrón


30. Soup of Shellfish
31, Canary Potage


40. Squids to the Plate
41, Fried Squids
42, Scampi to the chopped garlic
43, Scampi to the Plate
44, Prawn to Garlic Carrier Muleter
45, Prawn to the Plate
46, Lapas to the Plate
47, Mussels to the Sailor's
48, Mussels to the Steam49, Paella of Shellfish (2 persons)
50, Mixed grill of Shellfish and Fish (2 persons)
51, Octopus to the Plate
52, Operetta of Fish and Shellfish


60. Tuna to the Plate
61, Fillets of Bass Bread
62, Track of Bass to the Plate
63, Sole to the Plate
64, Sole "Great Captain"
65, Sardines to the Plate
66. Fresh fihs to the Plate ó Doughnut


75. Entrecot "The Charcón"
76, Entrecot Green Pepper
77, Entrecot Roquefort
78, Return of Meat to the Housekeeper
79, Fried Chicken


90. Bienmesabe
91, Home-loving crème caramel mold
92, Natural Fruits
93. Varied ice creams (three balls)
94, Quesillo
96, Cakes
97, Tiramissu

Menu of the House

100. It consists of: A Soup of Shellfish and track of fish to the plate
There is included bread, water, it came and dessert.

It is possible to realize the payment by means of cards (Visa, Card Masters, American Express)
Schedule: from Monday until Saturday of 12 to 21h, on Sundays from 12 to 20 h, on closed Wednesdays