The origin of the name of Arrieta comes immediately after the conquest of the island of Lanzarote in the year of 1,402, and has its foundation in which today Beach of the La Garita, then and up to much later the name of Inlet took it of Rada de Arrieta , due to the fact that the Norman conquetor Mr Arriete Perdomo , Inlet got in our island across stated.

When D. Juan de Bethencourt came in the year 1,402 to the conquest of Lanzarote, brought in his retinue other important personages as his nephew Maciot de Bethencourt, as well as to his cousin Mr Arríete Perdomo, which became besides a son-in-law of the seconde one.

D. Juan de Bethencourt I do not leave descent, procedieding to the lineage Bethencourt, with all his derivations of Betancor, Betancort, and others, of his nephew Maciot, who married the indigenous princess Teguise, marrying in turn, a daughter of these so called Margarita Inés, with Mr.. Arríete Perdomo, whichis the common trunk of all the Perdomos of the Islands.

The people of Arrieta started being formed in the middle of the last century, giving beginning to the same one some housings of summering periods that there constructed propertied persons of the people of Haría, apart from some huts that there were forming the seaworthy families that arrived to the above mentioned village, as the Mesas and others, in most cases proceeding from Arrecife.

In the People of Arrieta I construct in the year of 1,916, a singular building, with an architecture of oriental style,which was baptized by the name of "Chalet de Arrieta" , which enclose a sad history, since the owner, D. Juan de León Perdomo, native of this municipality, emigrated to Argentina being lucky to hoard an important fortune, proveniente of the commerce of the wheat, with some important siloes in White Bay, having married with Mrs. Juana Alemán, of whom a daughter Juana de León Alemán was born, in the above mentioned place, in the year of 1,904, but Juanita, since this way the was known, I fall ill with tuberculosis, having decided his parents to return to this place I hope with the change he was recovering and they acquired a great farm, in which they built on the banks of the sea, this beautiful building, the having advised the doctors that breathing the iodine of the sea shoul produce to a favorable reacti ion, but 1.921 died in the Chalet on the 02 nd 11-, having removed his remain to a great pantheon that his father ordered to raise I expractise in the cemetery of Haría. I attribute to Juanita an appearance more that it dies, spiritually, and being fiancèe of D. Mariano Lopez Socas.

The construction of the Chalet gave rank him and dominion to the competent organisms they decided to construct a commercial wharf in his immediateness, which pipe a great importance in the Island, with the arrival of the steam Astelena, Evelia, Bartolo, by D. David, and some others.