The Restaurant El Charcón , is nailed on the same wharf of the marine town of Arrieta and to two passages of the beach that gives name him to the wharf, in the municipality of Haria and in the north of the island of Lanzarote.

The dry dock of Arrieta, known as "Beach of the Ships" that one finds next to the restaurant, is habitually very crowdet. It is the plece of step of many those that decide to go to fishing. The cane, the buckets, the suitcase of the fishing and enyesques not to spend famine, are the key elements that it is in use for going entertain a few hours on board of a barge.

Ingredients of the first quality, treated with the caress an care of the everlasting kitchen with creative, current and traditional plates.

His specialties in fished fresh air, squids, octopuses, limpets, scampi, cheese of goat, dads wrinkled and mojos, between others.

Simple and beautiful where to be able to enjoy relaxed to the shore of the sea, the pleasure of a good food meal. Of easy access and easy parking A the shore of the sea, "El Charcón" transmits a seaworthy, agreeble ambience....